Frostbite | Review



Frostbite by Alexandria Bellefleur

Pages: 65

Publisher: Less Than Three Press

Publication date: 26 April 2017

Genre: Adult, Fantasy, Romance, Fairytale, LGBTQIA+, M/M, Erotica

Free copy provided by Netgalley in return for an honest review

After his sister touches a lethal Frost Flower and falls under the Frozen Sickness, does he seek out the mysterious Dragon in the mountains, who is said to have the cure for the sickness. He goes out on the search for the dragon and a lot of unexpected things happens along the way and he meets someone he didn’t expect.

I really liked the story. It wasn’t what I expected and some twist happened you wouldn’t think could fit in such a small story. One of the only ‘problems’ i have with the story, is that I wished it was longer. Not that it was lacking anything, but simply because enjoyed it so much, that I wished there were more. I applaud the author for fitting a whole and such a good story in so little pages. I’m almost wishing for a sequel, but I can’t imagine what you would happen, without it fallen to the ground

Bellefleur was amazing at writing descriptions of things, you could see a picture of how it looked and what happens clearly in your head. Another thing I loved was that even when there only is so few pages, that she managed to not write an instant love story. A lot of months went by before something happened.

You were sucked into the story from the start. You felt when things happened and WOW my heart hurt when the climax happened. You really thought something would happen and were relieved when it didn’t happen. It all even made somewhat sense.

I can recommend this to older teenagers and adults who aren’t afraid of a little sex. But I really encourage you to read it. It’s small and so good.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day! ♥


Snow White, the Seven Dwarves, and the Adorable Bed and Breakfast | Review



 Snow White, the Seven Dwarves, and the Adorable Bed and Breakfast – Michael Ann Dobbs, Bree Paulsen (Illustrations)

Pages: 32

Publisher: Xist Publishing

Publication date: 4 April 2017

Genre: Middle-Grade, Fairy Tale, Retelling, Graphic Novel, No Romance

Free copy provided by Netgalley in return for an honest review

In this retelling of Snowwhite, we see what would happen if she took her amazing cleaning and organizing skills and applied them to business. She this time finds the 7 dwarves and helps them clean their house and helps with a lot of other things, like cooking food for them.

In this story, she doesn’t need no man and starts a Bed and Breakfast business on her own, with the help from the dwarves and becomes really successful.

I really liked this retelling. It was new and funny. It took a twist in the story I never would have thought of would work. I love the story ends and that it wasn’t cliche. The illustrations were lovely and people at any age could this. Snowwhite is a strong woman,  who at no time needs to be saved. Well, the dwarves saved her, but she doesn’t stereotypically need a prince to save her and I love it. She didn’t even want his help with other things.

I really liked that it wasn’t just the same story, with a little difference, that would have been annoying. So I’m really happy with the outcome.

I would recommend this to children, but also to older people who just want something cute and fast to read.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day. See you next time! ♥

Elves Vol 1 | Review


★★★☆☆ (3,5)

Elves. Vol. 1 (Elfes #1-2) – Jean-Luc Istin,  Kyko Duarte (Illustrations)

Pages: 177

Publisher: Insight Comics

Publication date: 2 May 2017

Genre: Graphic novel, Fantasy

Free copy provided by Netgalley in return for an honest review

Elves are the first volume of a French graphic novel soon to be released in the U.S. It contains the first two issues of the series, The crystal of the Blue elves and The honor of Sylvan elves.

The crystal of the Blue elves 

The first issue is about the Blue (Water) elves. There has been a murder on a whole city of blue elves and Lanawyn is investigating it together with a human.
A woman called Vaalann finds out she is the chosen one, the one who can master the crystals power. We are following them as a war against the humans is upon them and see what they are going to do.

The honor of Sylvan elves 

The second issue is about the Sylvan (Forest) elves. They have been hiding inside the forest for many years since they felt the humans has gotten too greedy and refuse contact with humans. When Eysine, City-State of the East is attacked by orcs, the king’s daughter, Llali, decide to seek help from the Sylvan elves, because elves and humans have fought together before. She then is out on the journey of her life, to help them she cares about.

Wow, this were a roller coaster ride of emotions reading this graphic novel.  At first were I really intrigued by it. I loved the story, the beautiful artwork and it had ELVES in it, hence the title. But then the story got a little confusing and it jumped all around. It made it harder for me to continue it and i even had to lay it down for a couple of days. I then finally finished the first part and made it to the second part. This part of the graphic novel were much easier to read and you feel more for the characters. I even started crying something happened near the end. It’s one of the reasons i pushed the rating up a little.

The artwork in this graphic novel was really beautiful. But sometimes it was a little too much and i felt that there were too much in the picture.

While I liked the plot of the first story, I felt that it lacked something and were either too rushed or too slow. I liked the second story much more than the first one. It didn’t really lack anything. You came more into the story and as I said i began crying near the end. It made you feel so much more. This is also a thing that confused me a little. Were it two separate stories or were it just stories from different time periods?

I recommend this to people who don’t easily get confused and really likes elves and things like that.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day. ♥

Breaking Up Is Easy… But You Could’ve Done Better | Review



Breaking Up Is Hard To Do… But You Could’ve Done Better by Hilary Campbell

Pages: 150

Publisher: Animal Media Group

Publication date: 10 January 2017

Genre: Comic, Entertainment, Non-Fiction

Free copy provided by Netgalley in return for an honest review

When I found this book and saw what it was about, I knew I had to read it. I loved the idea with taking real life breakup stories and combining it with a cartoon. It makes it even better.
I loved the cartoons/artwork she did to every little breakup story there were. They made them even better and they made my laugh a lot of times.
I found it so amusing. Some of the stories were facepalm worthy and you sometimes didn’t know which side you should be on.
I recommend this to everyone who wants to laugh and cringe over different breakups stories and see funny cartoons.

Sorry that I haven’t got more to say. Because while I liked it, there isn’t much to say other that it’s good and you should try reading it.

Have a good day and thank you for reading! ♥

The Beast’s Tale | Review



The Beast’s Tale (Disney Beauty and the Beast #2) – Mallory Reaves, Studio Dice (Illustrations)

Pages: 160

Publisher: Tokyopop

Publication date: 28 March 2017

Genre: Manga, fantasy, romance, fairy tale

Where did i get it: From NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.

I have read the second and last volume of the ‘Disney Beaty and The Beast’ manga. Let me tell you, WOW. Just Wow! You should check both of them out. It’s almost a crime not to do it. So come one everyone. It’s a pretty fast read, because you are just enjoying it.

Just like Belle’s Tale, were this manga amazing. It was almost even more amazing because we get to see it all from The Beast’s POV, which we normally don’t. Again this time I should probably have seen the movie because these two mangas follow the new live action movie and not the old one. So there is all the new scenes and information in this manga. My advice to you is to watch the movie first because then this will just be another version of the movie and you are not so surprised over the changes.
The artwork is amazing as always. They managed to manga-ish and still keep the Disney feel. I applaud the team behind it. So beautiful and I admire your hard work. Plus I love manga already, so it makes it even better that this is a manga version of a Disney movie I like. Well, i like the oldDisney version because as I said earlier, I haven’t seen the movie yet. But I’m sure it’s amazing, I have heard so many good reviews for it.
This is from The Beast’s POV, so it’s only the scenes in the movie that he is in that is in this manga. If you want to see the other scenes and make them fit together, you have to read the first volume.
I love that we get to see into the Beast’s head and to see his story. It makes one sympathize more with him. It is also just interesting to see what he is thinking in the different situations we see in the movie.
I can highly recommend this book. It’s really amazing. You should totally read it, especially if you already have seen the movie.

You can see my review for the first vol. Belle’s Tale here: X

The Hour Wasp | Review


★★☆☆☆ (2,5)

The Hour Wasp – Jay Sheets, Robyn Leigh Lear (Illustrations)

Pages: 88

Publisher: April Gloaming Publishing

Publication date: 28 May 2017

Genre: Poetry

Free copy provided by Netgalley in return for an honest review

The first thing that made me want to read this were the gorgeous cover. It’s so beautiful. So even if I’m not that into and used to poetry, I wanted to read it. Maybe not the best decision… Not to say it’s bad, but wow there were a lot of big words in this. So the combination being a newbie at reading poetry and not having English as my first language, it made it so much harder for me to read. Not that I didn’t understand the words, it just made harder for me. But I made it and I’m sure people who are more used to poetry would like this so much more than me.
I loved the illustrations in this book. They were so beautiful. I’m happy that the art also was inside the book because it was the art that made me want to read it.
So I will recommend this to people who like poetry already. It’s definitely not a book you will want to start out with.

I don’t like reading | Review



I Don’t Like Reading –  Lisabeth Emlyn Clark

Pages: 24

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Publication date: 21 August 2017

Genre: Middle-grade, Graphic Novel, Dyslexia,

Free copy provided by Netgalley in return for an honest review

I can highly recommend this book. It’s so amazing and perfect for parents and their kids.

It’s book about a kid who doesn’t like reading because the words make him dizzy and the words are hard to read, for they are jumping around on the page. He then later finds out he has dyslexia and gets help for it.

 photo I dont like reading dizzy_zpsnrvhttvj.jpg
They talk about how Harry is scared to go to school and even gets sick about the thought of going to school and read in front of the class. He luckily gets help for it later and begins loving reading. I love how they also mention that a lot of successful and famous people also had/has dyslexia. Like Steve Jobs and Whoopi Goldberg. The book also makes sure to talk about how Harry Is and “Clever young boy with a dyslexic profile“. Because they are not stupid, it’s just harder for them to read and learn it, until they get the right tools to make it easier for them.
The book is really good at explaining what is happening to him and what could help someone who deals with the same thing. It maybe even can help people realize what is happening to their kids/themselves.
At first, I was confused why the words on the page were written in a lot of different fonts, both big and small, and it even made it hard for me to read. But then I realized that it was to make it look like what a dyslexic person may see when they try to read. This was such an amazing and smart idea, for you then learn even more about what a dyslexic person deals with and you find it even more amazing that so many people has fought through this and can read “normally” today.

I also learned some new things this book, that I didn’t know about before. Like for example, i didn’t know that colored paper could make it easier for some to read and that there is a different color for different people. I liked how they used this in the book and boys color were green. So on one page, they had green see-through ‘paper’ in the picture and the text was so much easier to read.
The graphics and the illustrations in this book were really well thought through and beautiful. They used the pictures to make it easier to understand and to see a little from a dyslexic POV.
I loved how this book gave a little glimpse of what a dyslexic person goes through and even as a 20 years old I find this book informative and good.

So as I said earlier, I love this and can definitely recommend this book. I good book to read with your child.