I’m allergic to dust?

Hey everyone!

Something funny happened to me recently. Well not actually funny, but you get what I mean.
I went to the doctor to check if I was allergic to something because I had some reactions to different things.

Well, it turns out I was right and i’m allergic to cats, dogs, grass and DUST. You know what my doctor’s first recommendation regarding the dust, other than medicine?
It was to not have books…

You should have seen my face! I, of course, said it’s not really possible because I own over 600 books. The doctors face was also quite funny after that. But the luckily she then said that they just shouldn’t be in the room I sleep in, which was easy enough because they are in my living room.

But thank god that my allergy isn’t that severe because just the thought of having to get rid of my books…


Oh as you can see i changed my theme, i hope you like it. I needed a fresh start. ♥

Have a great day everyone! ♥


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