Frostbite | Review



Frostbite by Alexandria Bellefleur

Pages: 65

Publisher: Less Than Three Press

Publication date: 26 April 2017

Genre: Adult, Fantasy, Romance, Fairytale, LGBTQIA+, M/M, Erotica

Free copy provided by Netgalley in return for an honest review

After his sister touches a lethal Frost Flower and falls under the Frozen Sickness, does he seek out the mysterious Dragon in the mountains, who is said to have the cure for the sickness. He goes out on the search for the dragon and a lot of unexpected things happens along the way and he meets someone he didn’t expect.

I really liked the story. It wasn’t what I expected and some twist happened you wouldn’t think could fit in such a small story. One of the only ‘problems’ i have with the story, is that I wished it was longer. Not that it was lacking anything, but simply because enjoyed it so much, that I wished there were more. I applaud the author for fitting a whole and such a good story in so little pages. I’m almost wishing for a sequel, but I can’t imagine what you would happen, without it fallen to the ground

Bellefleur was amazing at writing descriptions of things, you could see a picture of how it looked and what happens clearly in your head. Another thing I loved was that even when there only is so few pages, that she managed to not write an instant love story. A lot of months went by before something happened.

You were sucked into the story from the start. You felt when things happened and WOW my heart hurt when the climax happened. You really thought something would happen and were relieved when it didn’t happen. It all even made somewhat sense.

I can recommend this to older teenagers and adults who aren’t afraid of a little sex. But I really encourage you to read it. It’s small and so good.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day! ♥


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