The Beast’s Tale | Review



The Beast’s Tale (Disney Beauty and the Beast #2) – Mallory Reaves, Studio Dice (Illustrations)

Pages: 160

Publisher: Tokyopop

Publication date: 28 March 2017

Genre: Manga, fantasy, romance, fairy tale

Where did i get it: From NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.

I have read the second and last volume of the ‘Disney Beaty and The Beast’ manga. Let me tell you, WOW. Just Wow! You should check both of them out. It’s almost a crime not to do it. So come one everyone. It’s a pretty fast read, because you are just enjoying it.

Just like Belle’s Tale, were this manga amazing. It was almost even more amazing because we get to see it all from The Beast’s POV, which we normally don’t. Again this time I should probably have seen the movie because these two mangas follow the new live action movie and not the old one. So there is all the new scenes and information in this manga. My advice to you is to watch the movie first because then this will just be another version of the movie and you are not so surprised over the changes.
The artwork is amazing as always. They managed to manga-ish and still keep the Disney feel. I applaud the team behind it. So beautiful and I admire your hard work. Plus I love manga already, so it makes it even better that this is a manga version of a Disney movie I like. Well, i like the oldDisney version because as I said earlier, I haven’t seen the movie yet. But I’m sure it’s amazing, I have heard so many good reviews for it.
This is from The Beast’s POV, so it’s only the scenes in the movie that he is in that is in this manga. If you want to see the other scenes and make them fit together, you have to read the first volume.
I love that we get to see into the Beast’s head and to see his story. It makes one sympathize more with him. It is also just interesting to see what he is thinking in the different situations we see in the movie.
I can highly recommend this book. It’s really amazing. You should totally read it, especially if you already have seen the movie.

You can see my review for the first vol. Belle’s Tale here: X


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