I don’t like reading | Review



I Don’t Like Reading –  Lisabeth Emlyn Clark

Pages: 24

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Publication date: 21 August 2017

Genre: Middle-grade, Graphic Novel, Dyslexia,

Free copy provided by Netgalley in return for an honest review

I can highly recommend this book. It’s so amazing and perfect for parents and their kids.

It’s book about a kid who doesn’t like reading because the words make him dizzy and the words are hard to read, for they are jumping around on the page. He then later finds out he has dyslexia and gets help for it.

 photo I dont like reading dizzy_zpsnrvhttvj.jpg
They talk about how Harry is scared to go to school and even gets sick about the thought of going to school and read in front of the class. He luckily gets help for it later and begins loving reading. I love how they also mention that a lot of successful and famous people also had/has dyslexia. Like Steve Jobs and Whoopi Goldberg. The book also makes sure to talk about how Harry Is and “Clever young boy with a dyslexic profile“. Because they are not stupid, it’s just harder for them to read and learn it, until they get the right tools to make it easier for them.
The book is really good at explaining what is happening to him and what could help someone who deals with the same thing. It maybe even can help people realize what is happening to their kids/themselves.
At first, I was confused why the words on the page were written in a lot of different fonts, both big and small, and it even made it hard for me to read. But then I realized that it was to make it look like what a dyslexic person may see when they try to read. This was such an amazing and smart idea, for you then learn even more about what a dyslexic person deals with and you find it even more amazing that so many people has fought through this and can read “normally” today.

I also learned some new things this book, that I didn’t know about before. Like for example, i didn’t know that colored paper could make it easier for some to read and that there is a different color for different people. I liked how they used this in the book and boys color were green. So on one page, they had green see-through ‘paper’ in the picture and the text was so much easier to read.
The graphics and the illustrations in this book were really well thought through and beautiful. They used the pictures to make it easier to understand and to see a little from a dyslexic POV.
I loved how this book gave a little glimpse of what a dyslexic person goes through and even as a 20 years old I find this book informative and good.

So as I said earlier, I love this and can definitely recommend this book. I good book to read with your child.


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