April 2017 TBR


Yeah, this is my very big and almost imaginative TBR. Especially when you think about how I also have some E-books I have to read. Oh well, i hope I will get through at least half of them. Because 4 of them is from the library and I really want to read it before I have to take them back. Wish me luck!

I will write a little about why I want to read it and not what the books is about (maybe a little bit with someone). Because you can just read the Goodreads page I have linked with each book.

Throne of glass – Sarah J. Maas

I want to read it because I have heard so much raving about this book. literally everyone has read it, or I feel like that. Plus Badass woman assassin always makes me wanna read a book. I hope I will get to it.

Eventyret om fjeren og rosen – Josefine Ottesen

This is a Danish book if you were wondering. I really wanna read it, because Josefine Ottesen is one of my favorite authors. I have loved many of her other books and a lot of people love this. I have to read this.

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe – C.S. Lewis

I really want to read this and have wanted to for years. But for some reason, i never picked it up. I loved the movies and have heard only good things about. Plus it’s a small book, so it can only be easier.

Women Who Run With the Wolves –  Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Emma Watson has made a book club called Our Shared Shelf and this is the March-April read. I want to read it because it sounds really interesting. But I had not seen that I was on over 600 pages. Like what… So I’m unsure if I will get to this because it’s not something I would normally read.

Dragens kys – Josefine Ottesen

Yeah, a Josefine Ottesen book again. But I really want to re-read again. I have already read it at least 2 times before. But I really love this book and it’s one of my favorite.

Jais – Jason Kasper

I got this book, by winning it on Goodreads. So the author has sent it directly to me and it is even SIGNED. So I really want to read it soon, just to be nice and give a review for it. It’s only a little over 200 pages, so it must be possible.

I really also want to get to some of the E-books I got through Netgalley and because some of them as already come out and others I going to come out soon. I will just list them down bellow, with the Goodreads link to it. Then you can look at it.

Disney Beauty and the Beast: Belle’s Tale – Mallory Reaves and Studio Dice (Already read and reviewed: X)

Disney Beauty and the Beast: The Beast’s Tale – Mallory Reaves and Studio Dice

Rust: The Boy Soldier (Rust 0.1) – Royden Lepp (Already read and reviewed: X)

Lady Mechanika Vol 2 – Joe Beníez, M. M. Chen

The Hour Wasp – Jay Sheets

Elves – Jean-Luc Istin

Juliet Takes a Breath – Gabby Rivera

Frostbite – Alexandria Bellefleur

As you can see, i’m really optimistic and kinda stupid. But It’s going to be fun to see what i get to read.

Thank you and have a nice day. ♥


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