Rust: The Boy Soldier Review



Rust: The Boy Soldier (Rust 0.1) – Royden Lepp

Pages: 148

Publisher: Archaia

Publication date: 5 April 2016

Genre: Graphic novel, Science fiction, war, historical fiction,  steampunk,

Free copy provided by Netgalley in return for an honest review

Wow, this is an amazing and a little confusing graphic novel. It manages to say a lot, with very few words. It’s a prequel to a series, so it would probably not have been confusing if I had read them first, which I sadly didn’t. But now I’m going to read them for sure.
The art is beautiful and old fashioned. It’s all in a sepia tone, which makes it feel older and a match the story perfectly.
It’s a story about a boy soldier, who is a robot built for battle but looks like a boy. There is a war going on, something that looked like WW1, and there is a lot of different robots and he is a more advanced kind. He escapes his owners, to see if there is more to life. If he could be a hero and more human.
I really liked the story but was confused at times. Because as I said, there weren’t many words on the pages to explain what happened. But when you read more, you begin to understand. It’s a really compelling story and you already now feel for the boy. It’s not that gory, only a little blood here and there because it is a war. But there is a lot of robot soldiers, so it’s not that gross. Not that it usually is a problem for me, but I know some don’t like it.
It made it even more fantastic that the author chose to use his dad as an inspiration for the boy.

I can definitely recommend this graphic novel, even more, if you already id familiar with the story. but you can easily read it without it. I can’t wait to read to read the next one when I find it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day! ♥


6 thoughts on “Rust: The Boy Soldier Review

    1. It’s a collection of the prequels from the books that were already out, plus some extra i believe.
      Can you recommend the other books? 🙂 Because as i said in the blog post, i haven’t read them yet. 🙂


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