The Flintstones, Vol. 1 Review



The Flintstones Vol 1  – Mark Russell, Steve Pugh (Illustrations)

Pages: 170

Publisher: DC Comics

Publication date: March 28th 2017

Genre: Comic, Retelling

Free copy provided by Netgalley in return for an honest review


Wow this really came as a surprise. When I saw that there was a Flintstones comic, I just had to read it, because I loved The Flintstones when I was a child. But I just thought I would be renewed and newer vision of the tv-series. It was, but it also was so much more. They had the best satire in this comic. Both political and non-political. It’s so relevant to todays world and you wouldn’t think such a thing would come out of a comic about The Flintstones. They also have the best one-liners.
But the comic has so many important topics compiled into this one book. So amazing. The only thing I really didn’t like about this, was that it at times were really slow and kinda stupid. But that was only sometimes.
But some of the things the graphic novel came in on, I just have to talk about, so **SPOILERS** ahead.

I will just take it as the topics came in the comic.
It was fun reading about how people buy too much ‘crap’ that we don’t need. It is so true for all of us, I have literally just bought a thing that wasn’t really so important to have. I also love that they literally call it crap in the comic. It is amazing.
You had to think about it a little, but when Slade tried to get the ‘Neandertals’ to work for him, for less money. WOW. I didn’t see it coming. It was here I began really seeing all the topics the comic talked about
Also the fact that Slade is this awful man, who owns a lot of money and rule over a lot of people. Totally not something we see every day. Even more now.
The comic also talked about how a lot of people loved the veterans when they served the country, but when they came back and needed help, they didn’t care at all about them. It was a continuous theme all through the book. A lot of different facts about when Fred and Barney were at war.
They also made fun of spring break, which was kinda fun. Here was it aliens who came to earth to party hard and ruin things. And kill people, such a weird thing.
And wow when they in the comic talked about going from their old traditions of ‘Sex cave’ to ‘marriages’, that it was immoral and unnatural. It really hit me. Because they obviously talking about gay marriages here, just in a fun and different way. Such an important thing. I loved when the two men got married. It made it even better that they were called Adam and Steve. You really saw the true colors of some people. Because the priest was fast to defend the ‘marriages’ between a woman and a man, talking about tolerance and understanding, but when the men came and said they had married he was totally against it. Really shows today’s society.
And last but not least (because I literally only have talked about the things I saw, there is definitely more topics), they talked about Elections. So amazing. In such an important time and we see what elections really. A good thing they put in there.

Okay WOW, i had much to say… But if you couldn’t see that, I can definitely recommend this comic/graphic novel. It is so worth the read. Even more, if you actually like the Flintstones.


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