Stitched #1 Review



Stitched Vol 1  –  Mariah Huehner

Pages: 96

Publisher: Charmz

Publication date: May 2nd 2017

Genre: Middle-Grade, Comic, Paranormal,

**Recieved ARC from Netgalley, for a honest review**

It was a really cute story and the artwork is so beautiful. The main character Crimson is an interesting ‘person’. The fact that she is made up of different girls, is already calling for an identity crises. A really cool fact. I also like the other characters, especially Wisteria. She is really interesting and not annoying. This story has some really interesting names, I like it.
The thing I didn’t like that much were that it was too fast-paced. I know it’s a Graphic novel and not a long one. So it is going to be pushed a little together. But I feel like we were introduced to new ‘person’ on every other page. That together with that the story is a little random at times, is the reason for my rating. It can be because I’m a little older, that I didn’t get it that much, who knows.
But it didn’t mean that I didn’t like the story. It was good enough to make want to read the next part of the story. So I can recommend this to people who want to read something cute, short and beautiful.


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