Harry Potter special editions books

When you are so excited for the Harry Potter 20 years special editions, that you buy both the hardback version and the paperback! They are so pretty both of them, that you have to.



They are all so pretty, that it makes you wanna buy them all! Just look how beautiful they are! Are you gonna buy one of the editions? They are not even that expensive. I bought both of mine on Bookdepository for 206,55 DKK, around 30 USD.

I would love to just have all the paperback version! That would be amazing on my shelf.




Lady Mechanika, Vol.1 Review



Lady Mechanika, Vol.1: the Mystery of Mechanical Corpse  – Joe Benítez

Pages: 160

Publisher: Benitez Productions

Publication date: 18 November 2015

Genre: Steampunk, Comic

Free copy provided by Netgalley in return for an honest review

I had never read a Steampunk book or comic before, so I was excited going into this comic. Because the synopsis sounded amazing and the art looked awesome.
I can only say that the comic exceeded my expectations. It was not what is thought I would be and I loved it for it. In this comic, we see the badass detective, Lady Mechanika, who is half human and half mechanical. Because this is a steampunk story it was, at first, a weird combination between 1800 victorian England and a more modern twist, with a lot of different mechanical things in it. Some things we have seen before and some things we differently don’t have yet, especially not in the 1800 century.
The artwork was beautiful and dark. The story was good and made you want more. I love that there is more than one strong woman in this story. Plus even if the women is drawn a little sexual, with a lot of curves, they are still covered up.
There is a lot of action in this story and it is amazing. There is an element of suspense, thrill and mystery. A lot of twists and turns that kept me on the edge. All of this makes an amazing graphic novel and I can’t wait to read the next volume.
So I can definitely recommend this graphic novel to you. It’s everything you want out of a steampunk story, with a badass woman, engaging plot and beautiful artwork.

The Flintstones, Vol. 1 Review



The Flintstones Vol 1  – Mark Russell, Steve Pugh (Illustrations)

Pages: 170

Publisher: DC Comics

Publication date: March 28th 2017

Genre: Comic, Retelling

Free copy provided by Netgalley in return for an honest review


Wow this really came as a surprise. When I saw that there was a Flintstones comic, I just had to read it, because I loved The Flintstones when I was a child. But I just thought I would be renewed and newer vision of the tv-series. It was, but it also was so much more. They had the best satire in this comic. Both political and non-political. It’s so relevant to todays world and you wouldn’t think such a thing would come out of a comic about The Flintstones. They also have the best one-liners.
But the comic has so many important topics compiled into this one book. So amazing. The only thing I really didn’t like about this, was that it at times were really slow and kinda stupid. But that was only sometimes.
But some of the things the graphic novel came in on, I just have to talk about, so **SPOILERS** ahead.

I will just take it as the topics came in the comic.
It was fun reading about how people buy too much ‘crap’ that we don’t need. It is so true for all of us, I have literally just bought a thing that wasn’t really so important to have. I also love that they literally call it crap in the comic. It is amazing.
You had to think about it a little, but when Slade tried to get the ‘Neandertals’ to work for him, for less money. WOW. I didn’t see it coming. It was here I began really seeing all the topics the comic talked about
Also the fact that Slade is this awful man, who owns a lot of money and rule over a lot of people. Totally not something we see every day. Even more now.
The comic also talked about how a lot of people loved the veterans when they served the country, but when they came back and needed help, they didn’t care at all about them. It was a continuous theme all through the book. A lot of different facts about when Fred and Barney were at war.
They also made fun of spring break, which was kinda fun. Here was it aliens who came to earth to party hard and ruin things. And kill people, such a weird thing.
And wow when they in the comic talked about going from their old traditions of ‘Sex cave’ to ‘marriages’, that it was immoral and unnatural. It really hit me. Because they obviously talking about gay marriages here, just in a fun and different way. Such an important thing. I loved when the two men got married. It made it even better that they were called Adam and Steve. You really saw the true colors of some people. Because the priest was fast to defend the ‘marriages’ between a woman and a man, talking about tolerance and understanding, but when the men came and said they had married he was totally against it. Really shows today’s society.
And last but not least (because I literally only have talked about the things I saw, there is definitely more topics), they talked about Elections. So amazing. In such an important time and we see what elections really. A good thing they put in there.

Okay WOW, i had much to say… But if you couldn’t see that, I can definitely recommend this comic/graphic novel. It is so worth the read. Even more, if you actually like the Flintstones.

Super Sikh 1 Review



Super Sikh  –  Eileen Kaur Alden, Supreet Singh Manchanda

Pages: 28

Publisher: Formless Media Ventures, LLC.

Publication date: 26 Apr 2017

Genre: Comic

**Received an ARC from Netgalley, for an honest review**

When I saw the cover and the title of this comic, I knew I had to read it. It was not something I had seen before.
It was a really interesting comic. It is about Deep Singh, he is a secret agent and apparently, all Sikhs has superpowers. It is definitely something you haven’t seen before. I really liked that idea. I also liked how they talked about and showed how other people treat Sikhs when they see them. The artwork in this comic is so beautiful and well made. I loved how it was drawn.
It was sometimes a little weird and slow, but that is probably because we just have to be introduced to this character. I had also hoped that there was a little more information about him in this.
But all in all did I like this comic and would love to read the next one. You should definitely read this. It’s something you haven’t seen that much and it looks like it’s going to be a good story.

Jonesy Vol 1 Review



Jonesy: 1 – Sam Humphries

Pages: 112

Publisher: Boom Entertainment

Publication date: September 28th 2016

Genre: YA, Comic

**Recieved a copy from Netgalley, for a honest review**


I liked a lot of the things that happened in this story. Like the lesbian relationship, the fact that she like anime and is a little weird. I also really like the artwork. It is beautiful.

But I got annoyed with her a lot. She does a lot of stupid things, without reason. I don’t know if I’m maybe too old for this, but it was not as appealing as I thought I would be. It was cute at times, but some things I just didn’t understand.
I still liked most of it, so I will still recommend people reading this. But maybe be a little younger than me. You know a teenager haha.

Stitched #1 Review



Stitched Vol 1  –  Mariah Huehner

Pages: 96

Publisher: Charmz

Publication date: May 2nd 2017

Genre: Middle-Grade, Comic, Paranormal,

**Recieved ARC from Netgalley, for a honest review**

It was a really cute story and the artwork is so beautiful. The main character Crimson is an interesting ‘person’. The fact that she is made up of different girls, is already calling for an identity crises. A really cool fact. I also like the other characters, especially Wisteria. She is really interesting and not annoying. This story has some really interesting names, I like it.
The thing I didn’t like that much were that it was too fast-paced. I know it’s a Graphic novel and not a long one. So it is going to be pushed a little together. But I feel like we were introduced to new ‘person’ on every other page. That together with that the story is a little random at times, is the reason for my rating. It can be because I’m a little older, that I didn’t get it that much, who knows.
But it didn’t mean that I didn’t like the story. It was good enough to make want to read the next part of the story. So I can recommend this to people who want to read something cute, short and beautiful.

The Little Mermaid Review



The Little Mermaid  – Metaphrog

Pages: 80

Publisher: Papercutz

Publication date: April 4th 2017

Genre: Middle-Grade, Fairytale, Graphic Novel

**Received it from Netgalley, for an honest review**


This was an absolute gorgeous graphic novel. It was so beautiful. The drawings were beautiful made and really felt magical on the page. I have always loved Hans Christian Andersen’s stories and loved that it was a rendition of the original story, instead of the Disney version. That story really makes you feel something and even when I already had read the story a lot of times before, I still got choked up near the end when you see The Little Mermaid accept her fate. Because here you could see the pain in the drawings. You can see it her face and her eyes. So amazingly done. Another thing that I loved was the dancing scene on the ship. Because you see different races. a lesbian couple, Frida Kahlo and probably other know people dancing in the picture. Such a beautiful touch and kinda fun when you see who actually is in the picture. So I can definitely recommend this story to everyone. It is easy to read, a good story and has a lot of beautiful drawings you don’t want to miss. I received a copy through Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review.