I’m allergic to dust?

Hey everyone!

Something funny happened to me recently. Well not actually funny, but you get what I mean.
I went to the doctor to check if I was allergic to something because I had some reactions to different things.

Well, it turns out I was right and i’m allergic to cats, dogs, grass and DUST. You know what my doctor’s first recommendation regarding the dust, other than medicine?
It was to not have books…

You should have seen my face! I, of course, said it’s not really possible because I own over 600 books. The doctors face was also quite funny after that. But the luckily she then said that they just shouldn’t be in the room I sleep in, which was easy enough because they are in my living room.

But thank god that my allergy isn’t that severe because just the thought of having to get rid of my books…


Oh as you can see i changed my theme, i hope you like it. I needed a fresh start. ♥

Have a great day everyone! ♥


Sorry i have been gone

“Guess who’s back, back again”.

Okay sorry everyone, I had to do it…

But yeah sorry I just disappeared. There has been a lot of ups and downs. I started in school again, I got a work, the workplace closed down, I got it worse mentally again, I moved 2 times, I have read 1 book the last 6 months and a lot of other things happened.
Oh yeah, I also celebrated my 22 years old birthday last month.

But I will now try to get back to writing reviews, blog and read again.

It’s a lot hard than you would think, especially because my reading slump is still really bad. Plus I still not mentally at my best. But this was something I would love to do for myself, so wish me luck! Plus sorry for my posts are going to be a little scattered at first.

You can follow more right now what I’m reading, on my Goodreads. ❤

Have a great day/night everyone! ❤

The Loveless Princess | Review



The Loveless Princess – Lilian Bodley

Pages: 56

Publisher: Less Than Three Press

Publication Date: 3. May 2017

Genre: Short Story, Romance, Historical Fiction, Fairy Tale, Fantasy, LGBTQIA

Free copy provided by Netgalley in return for an honest review

Princess Anette is set to marry Prince Everett, even if she doesn’t want to. She doesn’t love him and she never will. She never wants to be with someone but does it out of duty to her parents, his parents, and her country.
She tries to be happy with the marriage. Because princesses are meant to have their happily ever after and you only does that through marriage. But then she catches her new husband doing something he shouldn’t and she gets angry. She wishes for something in her madness and after she wished she didn’t.

I really liked this short story/Novella. It is written so well and it’s easy to follow what’s happening. The author manages to put so much in those few pages, without being too much or confusing. I really liked the pace of the story. It was neither too fast or too slow and you didn’t feel that something shouldn’t be there. I wish it was longer, but not because it was missing something, but I just really wanted to see more.

I really liked the main character, Anette. She is not annoying and she is okay rational through the story. She is also aromantic and asexual, that’s the main reason she doesn’t want to marry the prince. I think the author handled that very well, also the other LGBTQIA things there was in the story. Don’t hold me up to it, but I have heard that the story is an own voices story. I’m not sure. She is really badass. After she sends the Everett away she goes out on the quest to get him back. Not to herself. But to the kingdom and to his lover.

Yes, Prince Everett also has no interest in marrying her. But that is not because of him being asexual, but because he is gay. He can’t even fullfill the ‘duty’ as a husband on their wedding night. He is in a relationship with another man while being married to her. That’s the reason he is gone. Because Anette sees him about to have sex with the man and even she has no desire for him, she gets mad because she still had a little hope that she would grow to love him and him loving her back. She wishes him was gone and he is then gone.

She then goes out on the quest. The story is full of fairy tale elements. She has three things she has to go through, to get to the prince. There is magic. She and Prince Everett even has parents and grandparents who are princesses and princes we know from different fairy tales. Like Sleeping Beauty and Princess and the Pea.

I think you should read it. It’s really good and you will fly right through it.

Warnings: Slight homophobia and an attempted rape.

Thank you for reading. I hope you liked and have a nice day! ♥

My Heart And Other Black Holes | Review



My Heart and Other Black Holes by Jasmine Warga

Pages: 377

Publisher: HarperCollins

Publication date: 10 February 2015

Genre: YA, Contemporary, Depression, Suicide, Mental health, POC main character

The book is about 16 years old Aysel Leyla Seran, who is obsessed with plotting her death. She has been depressed for many years. With all the whispers behind her back, no help from her mother and her father ending up in prison because of a violent crime, she is ready to take her life. But she isn’t sure if she can do it alone and through discovering a website called ‘Suicide Partners’, she finds a partner in FrozenRobot aka Roman. She thinks she has found her solution and they plan on doing ‘it’ on April 7.

I don’t even know where to start. I loved the book. It got me hooked from the start and I did a lot of ugly crying. It really hit you in the heart, no pun intended.

When I heard it was about depression and suicide, I was hesitant to read it. Because it could go wrong in so many ways. As someone who deals with having a depression myself, I really wanted something that was real and not just another book who use depression as a punch line. But I was happily surprised and I was sucked in from the start, unlike anything I have read for some time.

Warga really nailed the portrayal of a person dealing with a clinical depression. She also doesn’t romanticize it and make it ‘better’. She gets down to ugly and nitty gritty. She shows the messy dark stuff that is part of a reality for people dealing with a depression.


“Depression is like a heaviness that you can’t ever escape. It crushes down on you, making even the smallest things like tying your shoes or chewing on toast seem like a twenty-mile hike uphill. Depression is a part of you; it’s in your bones and your blood. If I know anything about it, this is what I know: It’s impossible to escape.”

*Contains spoilers from here on*

Warga made a realistic and relatable character in Aysel. She was sad, snarky, imperfect and a smart science nerd.  We get to see how she has pushed everyone out of her life because she is scared to become the same person as her dad. A person who just one day is going to up and kill someone. She feels so much guilt for what her father has done and it doesn’t make it better that she doesn’t have her mother to support her and share the experience with. She doesn’t have anyone to share her feelings and fears with, so they just build up to this big black hole in her. She finds it hard to feel anything and feel the best way for everyone, herself and other people, is to kill herself.

“What people never understand is that depression isn’t about the outside; it’s about the inside. Something inside me is wrong. Sure, there are things in my life that make me feel alone, but nothing makes me feel more isolated and terrified than my own voice in my head.” 


It was hard to read a lot of it and as said earlier, it made me cry a lot. Then Roman is introduced and I was ‘happy’ to see that it shows that it’s not just nerdy outsiders that can get a depression, but also successful and popular people. Roman is a previous star basketball player and really popular. So Aysel and he could not be more different. He gets a depression after he feels it was him who killed his little sister when she died 1 year ago. He is more than ready to kill himself and has given up on life. He never wants to do anything and has pushed everyone out of his life.

Warga has written two really different, yet so familiar characters when it comes depression. It shows it can happen to everyone.

The only thing I didn’t like that much was how fast Aysel changed when she found out she liked Roman and how ‘love’ saved both of their life. While I’m in the believe that a person showing interest in you, taking time with you and being nice to you can help a lot. Because I speak from experience when I say that person taking time out of their day, to talk and befriend you is such an amazing feeling. You feel appreciated, happy and begins thinking that you are maybe not that bad when it comes to it. It can save your day. Well, all that and the always looming questions of “Is they only talking to you, because they pity you and feel like they have to” and “You can’t get too close to them, or you will get hurt”. So it isn’t a fast process coming out of a depression, It takes a long time. I have only begun myself and is not even close. But love could have helped. Not the “Love saves all” kinda thing, but more in a sense of having something real to hang on to and maybe knowing that someone cares can make you think twice. Plus I actually at some point wanted them to be together.

But not only that, but I also want to have some more loose ends tied. Like I really wanted to have them visiting her dad and maybe having her speaking to her siblings and other people around her. It was not a huge thing, so it didn’t make it worse. But I was sitting and waiting for them to meet her dad. But I’m glad she got to speak with her mom. One step in the right direction.

The scene at her brothers birthday really made me cry ugly tears. I literally had to put the book down and calm myself down. It made me think about how much I try to do for my younger sisters. How much I want to be better for their sake. I know they love me, they show and tell it every time we are together, but i still want to be better for them. you really want to do everything for them you love and that’s good. It’s something you can hold onto. That’s what I’m doing.


I will recommend this to people. It’s really good and really shows what a depression is. All the dark stuff. But warning for depression and suicide. So if you can’t read that, I wouldn’t recommend it for you. But read it everyone who can. It’s a really good book!

Wow, that was kinda dark…

I hope you liked my review. It was hard to write, that’s why it took so long time to write it after I read the book. I was literally crying when I wrote the last part. Plus I’m sorry if i offended some people. I just took this out from my own experience.

But thank you for reading and I will see you next time! ♥

Wrap-up | April 2017

Hello, everyone! April was an okay month for reading. I read mostly Comics, again… It’s because I have found it difficult to concentrate on a book for too long, so comics are “Easier” to get through.

But here is all the books I have read, a little comment on it and the link to all my reviews. ♥

1) Belle’s Tale (Disney Beauty and the Beast #1) – Mallory Reaves and Studio Dice (Illustrator)



I really liked this manga. It was beautiful made. It follow the live action, so you have to see that before reading this. This manga follows Belle through the story.

See my review of it here: X


2)  The Beast’s Tale (Disney Beauty and the Beast #2) – Mallory Reaves, Studio Dice (Illustrations)



This I also loved as well. So beautiful. Even if it is exactly as the movie, it’s still worth reading.

See my review of it here: X


3) Rust: The Boy Soldier (Rust 0.1) – Royden Lepp



I really liked this one. The artwork was really beautiful and told a whole story. Literally. Because not a lot was said. It’s a Prologue to ‘The Boy Soldier’ series, so it’s good if you already know the world.

See my review of it here: X


4) I Don’t Like Reading –  Lisabeth Emlyn Clark



I loved this! It really gave me an understanding for dyslexic people. A beautiful little story, all should read! 🙂

See my review of it here: X


5) The Hour Wasp – Jay Sheets, Robyn Leigh Lear (Illustrations)


★★☆☆☆ (2,5)

I will admit I choose this based on the cover and it was maybe not the best choice. This is a poetry collection and damn this is for hardcore lovers of poetry and people who fully understand the English language. I found it hard and that way boring. But the artwork was so beautiful and I’m sure other people will like the poetry also.

See my review of it here: X


6) Breaking Up Is Hard To Do… But You Could’ve Done Better by Hilary Campbell



I found this really good and funny! It’s a collection of essays about real life break up stories. The artwork in this book is also cute and funny!

See my review of it here: X


7) Elves. Vol. 1 (Elfes #1-2) – Jean-Luc Istin,  Kyko Duarte (Illustrations)


★★★☆☆ (3,5)

While I found the artwork beautiful, it was hard to read through. Especially the first of the stories. It was either confusing or too fast. The second story was better and you actually felt something for the characters.

See my review of it here: X


8) Snow White, the Seven Dwarves, and the Adorable Bed and Breakfast – Michael Ann Dobbs, Bree Paulsen (Illustrations)



I found this little story good. I liked that it wasn’t a direct retelling of the original story and that Snow White actually didn’t end up with the prince. It wasn’t even because something bad happened, she just chooses not to do it and the story is actually totally different to the actual story. You should all read it.

See my review of it here: X


9) Frostbite by Alexandria Bellefleur



I really loved this story. I felt it was way too short. Not because it was missing something, but simply because I enjoyed it so much. Plus it was only 65 pages. Cute story with some gay romance in it.

See my review of it here: X


10)  Assassin’s Creed – Anthony Del Col, Conor McCreery, Fred Van Lente, Neil Edwards (Illustrator), Dennis Calero (Illustrator)



Totally loved this. It had two issues in it and it was a little preview of both stories. I can’t wait to read them.

See my review of it here: X


11) Suicide Squad, Volume 1: The Black Vault by Rob Williams



I didn’t like this very much. I hated Amanda Waller and she was in like every other scene. I loved Harley Quin and she was the one who made me read it through.

See my review of it here: X

There you have my wrap-up for April. I feel it is pretty decent size. Tell my if you have read any of them and what you think about it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day! ♥

Suicide Squad, Volume 1: The Black Vault | Review



Suicide Squad, Volume 1: The Black Vault by Rob Williams

Pages: 160

Publisher: DC Comics

Publication Date: 28 February 2017

Genre: Comic, Superheroes, Action

Free copy provided by Netgalley in return for an honest review

The government has once again handpicked the worst of the worst for its Task Force X. Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, Katana and Killer Croc. All deadly criminals sent on the most dangerous missions possible by a government that wants them killed. But their newest challenge? A teammate so powerful that even this group of murderers and thieves can’t control. (Summary is taken from Goodreads)

I really like Suicide Squad as an idea. The whole Anti-Hero, Villians saving the day thing. I actually also liked the movie. It was not my favorite, but it was entertaining. So I was somewhat excited to read this. I didn’t leave totally disappointed, it actually was quite good.

I liked this comic. But don’t go into it and expect the best. Some things annoyed me from the get-go, but that had nothing to do with the story. Of well a little it did. I just really didn’t like Amanda Waller from the start. It made it even harder to read it. There were just so many different things about her I didn’t like, and it didn’t make it better that she is almost the main character in this comic.

A thing I really liked was that Obama is the president. So amazing. I also really liked Harley Quin. She is just so all over the place and weird. She is not afraid to speak her mind and be her usual weird self. She could have had more clothes on, but it’s a comic what can you do. The comic can be a little confusing at times. It’s all over the place, in a bad way, and the pacing is weird.

I really liked the art style in this. Kudos to all the different artist who worked on this.

Another thing I liked was the “Personnel Files” after the main story. It really gave you a better understanding of the characters you were reading about and why they ended where they did.

I will recommend this to people is more know in this world and really love Suicide Squad.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day! ♥

Assassin’s Creed | Review



Assassin’s Creed (Free Comic Book Day 2016) – Anthony Del Col, Conor McCreery, Fred Van Lente, Neil Edwards (Illustrator), Dennis Calero (Illustrator)

Pages: 26

Publisher: Titan Comics

Publication Date: 21 December 2016

Genre: Comic, Historical fiction, Thriller

Free copy provided by Netgalley in return for an honest review

A great comic with two different issius in it. Could be longer, especially when you think about that there is two stories in this. But i also liked that we got a taste of both of them. It makes one want to read them both. I have not read Assassin’s Creed before, but these makes me want to read them. In paticular the first one, because here it’s an awesome woman who is the main character.

Assassin’s Creed: The Chair

Here we see Charlotte De La Cruz, a WOC being in the mind of her ancester, to get some information. To do that she is sitting in this special chair who sends her back.

I really liked this story, even if it was so short. Firstly the main character is woman and POC. It is so awesome to see. She looks and sounds like a badass person already in those few pages. She reminds me a little of Anita Blake from Anita Blake: The Vampire Hunter. She is a little crass and it’s told that she has little to no patience. But diffently she also has a softer side, which is already shown. I really hope they don’t do this character wrong.

Assassin’s Creed Templars: Great Wall

It’s about this man who are part of the brotherhood. He is in China to stop a big metaltrain to go further.

I liked this one. The main character is awesome, badass and mysthyrius. You can see on the few pages already, that he is really talentfull and fast at things. I like his choice of weapon. I really love swords in stories.

Sorry for the small review, it’s hard to review such a small text.

But i can recommend it to them who is on the fence on reading Assassin’s Creed. It’s a good look into how it look. Plus it’s a free sample on Amazon.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day! ♥